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Bi- Fold Doors and Windows

North Coast Joinery is Moved by Centor


North Coast Joinery is Moved by Centor 

At North Coast Joinery, we pride ourselves on creating functional yet fashionable window and doors for any home design. Our windows and doors are made using the finest craftsmanship and we expect the same from our hardware. That’s why we insist on only using Centor’s innovative systems. Centor is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of systems for doors and windows and for this reason, choosing Centor was an easy decision to make.


Bi-folding doors which work year after year

Thorough structural, cycle and corrosion testing, top-class materials and a 10-year warranty ensure your doors Moved by Centor continue to perform for many years to come.


A delight to open and close

Doors Moved by Centor open and close with just the touch of a fingertip thanks to precision engineering and a patented adjustment system on all Centor hardware.


A home designed your way

There is a Centor folding system for every application, including internal and external, new buildings or small renovations to suit both contemporary and classical designs.


Keep the weather out

Whether it is windy, rainy, hot or cold outside, your home will stay protected from the elements with Centor’s patented weather sealing technology for folding doors.


Peace of mind

Your home remains safe with the sturdy construction of Centor folding doors. Centor hardware is the most secure on the market, as it cannot be removed or tampered with from the outside.



No structural modifications needed - the Centor F2 & F3 can be installed in any opening without structural changes.

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